About Buzz Thrive

Buzz Thrive is located in Toronto, Ontario with a passion for growth, wellness, and continuous improvement. We offer a wellness-minded, growth-inspired, and people-centered approach focused on helping people live a vibrant and fulfilling life.
High Performance Coaching

Are you ready to reach your full potential and lead a successful, healthy, and fully charged life? Certified High Performance Coaching™ is designed to help you go beyond the norm of your typical results and life experience, and help you continuously grow and succeed. Following a holistic, scientifically-proven, and heart-centered approach, Certified High Performance Coaching™ is designed to help you reach high performance in all areas of your life— health, wealth, self, business, and relationships. Emotionally engaging sessions will help you discover deep insights, achieve major breakthroughs, and accelerate your growth. One-on-one coaching sessions are offered in person, on the phone, or via video conference.

Wellness Advocate

Health is the baseline of your life. Good health provides the vitality required to run your mind and body, and live an engaged and thriveful life. Over the past decade my passion about wellness has flourished. My interests in managing autoimmunity & brain health are more broadly related to using ‘food as medicine’, managing stress, and being mindful of all the personal and home products that we choose to use.

Curator for Healthy Living

I love searching for, finding and sharing good products that are also good for you! Under Buzz Thrive “Recommends” you’ll find a curated list of brands and products that I highly recommend for a natural, non-toxic and healthy lifestyle.


With a diverse background, I’m uniquely qualified to provide strategic consultation for businesses that are focused on elevating & empowering people to accelerate business transformation and create exponential impact…

  • Certified High Performance Coach™
  • Nearly 20 years experiences leading business transformation & teams within a global organization for a Fortune 100 company
  • Passionate and self-practiced wellness advocate
  • Honors MBA in Management Systems
  • B.Sc Engineering