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Clean Beauty with Indie Lee


A few weeks ago, I was excited to attend a small, intimate event with Indie Lee hosted by Bloom Beauty in Leaside, Toronto.  Indie is a pioneer in clean beauty. It was an honor to have her share her story (it’s a tear jerker!), educate us about clean beauty terminology and her philosophy for her brand, and tell us about her favorite products.  


I’ve been a fan of clean beauty for almost a decade, but admit I had never tried Indie’s products before.  Since going gluten free, and needing to find gluten free skincare products (as I’m severely gluten intolerant), I’ve been drawn to brands that list “gluten-free” on their packaging and/or website.  Gluten can be a hidden ingredient, so I just found it easier (and less stressful) to look for gluten free labels. For many years it was hard to find really good products that were clean and gluten free… and so when I found something I loved, I stuck with it.  While I tend to look for products that are labeled gluten free, I was happy to learn that most of Indie’s products are gluten free (even though they don’t have gluten free claims on the packaging).   


I went home with five new products and I’m so excited about them!  Not only am I impressed with everything I learned about the brand & products, but Indie is just an incredible human with a mission that I’m eager to support.  Indie took her life-threatening brain-tumor diagnosis, had a successful surgery (on Earth Day) and decided it was her mission to empower women to live healthy lives with clean beauty.  


Products that I’m loving:

COCONUT CITRUS BODY SCRUB: Wow! This was Indie’s first product, and it’s amazing how smooth and hydrated my legs are after using it! Indie recommends using this product on dry skin before you step into the shower, and then it will wash off when you stand in the shower water.   A great product for our cold Canadian winters, and I’m sure it will be equally good for beach ready legs.  

WHIPPED BODY BUTTER:  This decadent air-whipped body butter easily absorbs into my skin leaving me feeling soft and hydrated.  This product has been certified as Cosmos Organic. A really great product for our cold Canadian winters. 

I-WAKEN EYE SERUM: I like how this product smoothes, hydrates, nourishes & rejuvenates my eye-area.  This product is certified Cosmos Natural. 


Indie graciously agreed that I could share video from the evening with you.  Here are a few highlights of Indie sharing her story & background.  


How should you make the switch to clean beauty? Indie suggests that as you’re running out of something, replace it with a clean option.  If you follow this advice, within 6 months your entire vanity should be clean as all beauty products have a shelf life of 6 months or less once opened. (For example, eye products like mascara should only be used for upto 3 months).


Have you made the switch to clean beauty yet? If not, start thinking about it– Skin is our largest organ! Stay tuned as I’ll share more about clean beauty and personal care products soon.  What are you curious to learn more about?

Xo Wendy